HHO Fuel Saver Kit Trucks up to 10 000cc

Code: HS 10 000

Designed for trucks of 6000 cc to 10 000 cc diesel engines.    

Fuel saving vary between 3l. and 6l. /on every 60 miles (100km) depending on the machine type, or about 25%

Installed in a metal box! Plug & Play                                                                   

Com­pact, easy to install

High qual­ity components

Fully auto­mated Ampere lim­iter built-in

No run on after shut­down

No back fire problems

Adjustable power ranges

Water level sensor with buzzer

More than 2 000 miles (3000 km) with one refill.

Fully automated

Technical Data Dimensions: 190 mm x 190 mm x 180 mm - cell

Voltage: 24 - 29V DC from vehicle

Material: Steel INOX 316L SS

Amperage: 3 to 25 Amp;

regulated by the Dynamic Amps-regulating Electronic Device according to the RPM's

Working surface: 9016 sq. cm.

The vehicle doeasn't need any computer softwere programing or set it up

Fully automated starts,stops and automaticly shutdowm

  • Weight: 20.000 Kgs
Price: £699.99
List Price: £1,399.98
Discount: £699.99 (50.00%)
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Plug'N Play HHO kits are easy and quick to install and can be fit­ted to any diesel truck with­out any engine mod­i­fi­ca­tions or tam­per­ing of the fuel man­age­ment or elec­tri­cal systems.

No com­puter soft­ware, pro­gram­ming, set­ting up, tim­ing or mix­ture adjust­ments are required to the vehi­cle .

Fuel saving sys­tems have built in: fully auto­matic start, auto­matic stop and auto­matic safety shut­down con­trol with far fewer parts to install than any other kit.


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