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HHO Fuel Saver Kit 12V Tractors

Mainly used for tracktors and agricultural machines from 4000cc to 12 000cc for diesel engines.                                                                                     

Fuel saving of Agricultural machines may vary between 20% and 35%                             

Com­pact, easy to install

High qual­ity components

Fully auto­mated Ampere lim­iter built-in

No run on after shut­down

No back fire problems

Adjustable power ranges

Water level sensor with buzzer

More than 2 000 miles (3000 km) with one refill.

Fully automated

Technical Data

Dimensions: 190 mm x 190 mm x 180 mm - cell

Voltage: 24 - 29V DC from vehicle

Material: Steel INOX 316L SS

Amperage: 5 to 20Amps,regulated by the Dynamic PWM according to the RPM's

Working surface: 9016 sq. cm.

The vehicle doeasn't need any computer softwere programing or set it up

Fully automated starts,stops and automaticly shutdowm


Price: £549.99
List Price: £1,099.99
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: £549.99
List Price: £1,099.99
Discount: £550.00 (50.00%)
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