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How the hydrogen system works and what is the benefits?




Тhe video clip of two parts has been translated into 17 different languages.


We call it 'hydrogen cell' or 'hydrogen generator' because it produces hydrogen and oxygen simultaneously through the process of electrolysis shown below.

We start with deionised (distilled) water and biodegradable electrolyte that we load it into the system.

It gives us maximum control over the process of electrolysis. When you pass the electricity to the negative and positive plates on the fuel cell is beginning to start the gas production.

The water starts to collapse on hydrogen (two parts) and oxygen (one part) in perfectly clean condition - 99.99% purity.

The next important step is to take this mixture of the gas in to the engine via the air intake pipe with the greater vacuum help.

The effect of fuel savings using this system is between 15% and 50% (of the cars made), which also depends on lots of factors: type of engine (petrol, diesel), condition of the engine , the right choose of the simulator Condition and the power of the alternator and the battery, driving stile and & speed.

The annual service is absolutely easy:

all you have to do is to drain the systems first, flush it and fill it up with fresh electrolyte.

The best effect on savings is on diesel and turbo diesel engines with overage fuel saving of 30%.


The positive sides using this system are:

1. Increases the fuel savings up to 30%

* * fuel saving of 40% is a result of additional ECU management setup

2. Increasing the power and the life span of the engine

3. Removes carbon and prevent future build up

4. Reduce emissions of CO2 by 80%

5. Reduces deposits and soot in engine significantly

6.Reduces the temperature and the noise of the engine

7.No Storage reservoir under pressure

8.Not Subject on annual verification like LPG and CNG installations

9.2 Years Warranty

                                            Brief description of the system:

Probably many of you know how it works, for those that don't we will try to explain.

What is a hydrogen system and what are its benefits? We call it 'hydrogen cell,because it produces Hydrogen (two parts) and Oxygen (one part) simultaneously through the process of electrolysis in perfectly clean condition - 99.99% purity.

Thats why is been called like HHO gas. The HHO can be used as additional fuel in any internal combustion engines, such as trucks , heavy trucks , buses, cars, diesel generators, furnaces, industrial boilers, etc..

HHO system is provided with two types of installation:

Basic :with additional relay, fuse, ammeter

or Smart : using our Dynamic PWM And in the practice is absolutely safe.

The system only start to produce the hho gas when the engine running.

When you turn off the engine, it automatically stops the production of hho.

There is no storage bottle the keep the denger gas in your vehicle.

The systems is much safer than LPG and is the best popular fuel saving device all over the world.


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