After Instalation

After the Installation - UK Only


Before or after the installation,or after the 30 days of the Trail period is been pasted (by owners decision when) ,and you are happy with the kit it is recomended to Inform DVLA (they will register your vehicle like Dual fuel) and your Insurance company for the changing on the fuel type on your vehicle.

What documents are requare for DVLA:

1. You will need to send the Look book on the vehicle to DVLA,with full up section №7 and №8

2.You will need to include a Covering letter

3.You will need to include the proof of fitting

4.For the Road Tax reductions you need to include the receipt from emmision tests,before and after the installation.

More info for Dual Fuel:

If your curent Tax Band & emissions are:

Band CO2 Emissions (g/KM)
Band A Up to 100
Band B 101 to 120
Band C 121 to 150
Band D 151 to 165
Band E 166 to 185
Band F 185 to 225
Band G

Over 225



     After the Changes will be:

     Band         Petrol Diesel     Alternative
A        £0       £0           £0
B      £35      £35          £15
C    £115    £115          £95
D     £140    £140       £120
E     £165    £165        £145
F     £205    £205       £190
G     £300     £300       £285


For more information ask DVLA or visit:


The new Register Certificate will arrive within 4 weeks 

If you require any Help you can ask DVLA

phone number 0300 7906 802


 How to inform your Insurance Company

Just ring them and explain you would like to fit a HHO Fuel Saver kit on your vehicle:

1.Make sure to talk to the right person from a Tachical Department 

2.Make sure that they have understood:

  - the kit is to save fuel and reduse emmisions  


  - there is NO GAS BOTTLE / REZERVOIR to keep the gas

  - the kit produsse the gas ONLY when the engine works,

and the prodused gasis going in to the engine try the air

intake and burn immediately.

 Passing MOTs:

It want be a problem to pass MOT,because the emissions level will be a lot less than before,normaly 3 times or about 70-80% LESS.

Just the kit need to produce the HHO gas when the engine running

(see instalation page)

Please note:

If you would like to know rules in your current country please ask your Coverment.






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